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The Church of Christ Sophia

Cosmic Christian Bible Study

In the very beginning, before any of this, our creator gazed into the vastness of space, into that pure infinite potential and through the longing to become, manifested into the highest archetypal expression.

The Original Archetypal first two expressions of the divine.

The Christ Sophia.

2000 years ago, the Son of God came to this planet and delivered the pure, unadulterated, Living Word of Our Father. The birth of the Messiah had been planned and prepared for for thousands of years as God sent other prophets and messengers who would pave the way for the Son of Man.

The term Son of God is literal, and deep down the world knows it, as Jesus of Nazareth was a direct incarnation of the Cosmic Christ, the Original emanation of God, and King of the Angelic Realm.

There very well may be no living person on this earth who doesn’t know of him, as the First Coming was an event that rippled so strongly through the timelines that no soul was left untouched in some way.

God has a plan for the redemption of this planet and Jesus fulfilled his divine duties in delivering the Truth that God needed all to hear.

The Lamb was a gift from God, a show of Mercy, Devotion, and Endless Love.

The last 2000 years have been about spreading this gospel to all peoples of the earth so that every soul has a chance to get back to God.

But just as God has a plan for the Salvation of His people, so too does the Adversary of Mankind. The Message of Jesus Christ is the single greatest threat to the dark forces that temporarily run this world, and so it would be wildly naive of us to not suspect that they would try to sabotage God’s plan of delivering salvation through Jesus Christ.

There has been no greater war than the war on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

But the message of Jesus is far too powerful to take from this world, so instead, they attempted to pollute the fountainhead itself, by co-opting the movement and incepting lies, distorting truth and misrepresenting the Gospel itself. 

Many of us have had bad experiences with christian religions and there is good reason for this as this force sought to infiltrate the church and contaminate the fellowship. 

Many modern churches are misrepresenting the Word of God either by infusing layers of false new age ideologies into the interpretations of the Gospel or by focusing on the Old Testament Rhetoric that Christ warned us about.

Many people in the spiritual communities are realizing something is very wrong and the blessed ones are coming to understand that Jesus is the missing Key. And also many People in Christian communities are realizing that the way they know and understand Jesus isn’t bringing them the peace, clarity, and empowerment they are longing for and so are turning elsewhere for answers.

Oftentimes people pendulum swing strongly and arrogantly from one deception to the other, hard core new-ager one day and then strict, dogmatic, and judgemental Christian the next.

This is a real problem and we have a serious need for a new Community.

A Community that lives in the Cosmic Truth of Jesus Christ

A Community that reintegrates Sophia, The Feminine Christ into the message.

No Dogma. No bullshit.

Pure Revelation. Direct access to the Akasha. Fully aligned to the Living Truth

We need a New Church

The Church of Christ Sophia will be a community committed to living by the Word of God, devoted to developing an intimate relationship with the Gospel and an authentic and Cosmic Communion with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit (Christ/Sophia)

Over time our community will expand and we will be employing members of the 144,000 Angelic community to minister to the people of this world.

Our work begins with a bi-monthly Bible Study, where Emily and I will break down various Passages and shine a new light on this ancient Truth. No False light, no Religious Dogma. 

We will help you to see the relevance of Jesus’ message today and illuminate how it is the most powerful tool we have for alignment to the Divine Will and the Organic Ascension Blueprint. Christ is a Spiritual Technology and it’s time we learn how to use it properly.

This is the beginning of something unbelievable and we hope to share this with each one of you and build a solid, virtuous community capable of real support in these trying times.

Each month you’ll receive:

Church Service

Twice per month (every other Sunday) there will be a 2-hour Church Service where we will break down various Passages and shine a new light on the ancient Truth that is Jesus’s word. Services will also feature occasional guest speakers as well as time for deep, collective prayer and a prayer list

1 90-minute live video

This will consist of various topics of information including: Organic ascension, ET’s, Christ, Sophia, timelines, true history, plans for the new earth, energetic tools and current multidimensional information

Every video will be relevant to our current collective process

1 30 min Healing Activation

Emily will facilitate Field and Sophia Miracle Work that will address whatever is present at the moment including, but not limited to:  implant removal, timeline clearing, DNA activation and so much more

This is life-changing healing work that will shift you on so many levels

1 live 45 minute Q&A

Emily and Aeleo will answer all your burning questions about anything related to spirituality, Christ/Sophia, the new earth and everything in-between!

Video Library

As part of your membership, you will have access to over 50-hours of previously recorded live videos that cover countless spiritual topics, questions and activations!

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Cosmic Christian Bible Study

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